Audio: Call Center Phone Tree

Whether its a simple greeting message or a complex phone tree, the message potential clients hear when they call your business is often their first impression of you. It needs to be professional, yet warm. A live, as opposed to computer generated voice, can make a big difference.

During my tenure at Montgomery County Community College, I wrote and recorded every single message on our call center, from the main phone trees at our Central and West Campuses, to individual office voicemail boxes. As a result, callers heard a consistent voice and messaging each time they contacted the college.

Writing and recording these messages was a collaborative process between myself, the Call Center Manager, Telecommunication Manager, and leadership from areas such as Student and Academic Affairs. I spent approximately 3-4 hours each month updating messages as needed after the initial recordings.

The good news is that, with today’s technology, I can record such messages from the convenience of my office with my Macbook and Blue Snowball mic and can easily send the audio files to my clients.

Below is a sample call center recording from the main phone tree at MCCC’s Central Campus.

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