Molly Rhythm Visits ‘The Grunge Garage’

I had the pleasure of interviewing members of the rock band Molly Rhythm last week for a segment that aired during The Grunge Garage on Montco Radio on Jan. 6. Stream the full interview below or download it from PodoMatic.   Journalism is my first love, but radio is a close second. As an alumna of Montgomery…Read more Molly Rhythm Visits ‘The Grunge Garage’

January is Mining History Month

I am honored to participate in the regional 2017 Mining History Month celebration, which runs Jan. 7-Jan. 29 throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The annual series of events explores all aspects of the  NEPA anthracite industry. Read the official press release On Tuesday, Jan. 17, John Welsh and I will screen and discuss our short film on Pennsylvania mine fires at…Read more January is Mining History Month

In Defense of the Citizen Journalist

As a trained journalist, the term citizen journalism should give me pause, especially given the recent presidential election during which facts were often replaced by provocative commentary. Yet, with fewer journalists reporting less news, citizens in rural and suburban communities cannot rely on 24-hour pseudo news to fill the void left by the closures/mergers of local media…Read more In Defense of the Citizen Journalist

Communications Breakdown

A quick curation of recent news about the field of communications -- 366 links to understand fact-checking in 2016 - Poynter, Dec. 21, 2016 2016 was the year of facts -- or not. Poynter, the global leader in journalism best practices and ethics, compiled 366 fact-checking links covering the fact craze that took over the world. Poynter tackles…Read more Communications Breakdown

Facebook & Media: The Saga

In case you missed it, Facebook -- that social media darling we all love to hate -- is making changes to its timeline...again. Who cares, right? Usually, I would agree; most changes are nothing more than minor annoyances. No, I DON'T want to tag feature photos, thank you very much. What's next; are you gonna ask me to pick my top…Read more Facebook & Media: The Saga

Pong: The Next Hot Action Trilogy

I have it...the premise for the next hot summer blockbuster. No, make that the next THREE blockbusters...the goldmine of all trilogies. Move over Iron Man; make way for PONG: The Movie. I can see it now. The films will star Dave Franco and Michael B. Jordan, mentored by aging "pong" jock John Stamos, with Jennifer Lawrence…Read more Pong: The Next Hot Action Trilogy

The Shadow of Blue Coal

This article was originally written for and published on Beyond The Breaker, the website for an independent documentary film for which Alana is a writer and producer. Blue Coal – Initially, I thought the term was coined to describe the bluish iridescent sheen reflected by holding anthracite coal in certain light. I remember doing this as a…Read more The Shadow of Blue Coal