Book: ’50 Years of Thinking Big’

Writing a book — it’s every writer’s dream. In 2014, I was the primary author of a  book commemorating the 50th anniversary of Montgomery County Community College. Through written narrative and a photo timeline, the 128-page hardback book (The Donning Company Publishers, ISBN: 978-1-57864-932-7) takes readers on a journey from MCCC’s founding in 1964 through summer 2014.

With support from writers Diane VanDyke and John Galluzzo, the project, which was projected to take two years, was accomplished over a period of six months due to personnel changes at the institution. I am extremely proud of this book — both as the author and as an alumna of MCCC.

The book was gifted to MCCC supporters and alumni was available for purchase on MCCC’s website. While the book is not available digitally, a hard copy can be provided for review upon request.


Alana’s roles: Outlining content; developing timeline; writing copy; editing copy; selecting photos; writing captions; obtaining approvals; serving as liaison with publisher; managing the project from start to finish.

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