January is Mining History Month

I am honored to participate in the regional 2017 Mining History Month celebration, which runs Jan. 7-Jan. 29 throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. The annual series of events explores all aspects of the  NEPA anthracite industry. Read the official press release On Tuesday, Jan. 17, John Welsh and I will screen and discuss our short film on Pennsylvania mine fires at…Read more January is Mining History Month

Pong: The Next Hot Action Trilogy

I have it...the premise for the next hot summer blockbuster. No, make that the next THREE blockbusters...the goldmine of all trilogies. Move over Iron Man; make way for PONG: The Movie. I can see it now. The films will star Dave Franco and Michael B. Jordan, mentored by aging "pong" jock John Stamos, with Jennifer Lawrence…Read more Pong: The Next Hot Action Trilogy