I have it…the premise for the next hot summer blockbuster.

No, make that the next THREE blockbusters…the goldmine of all trilogies. Move over Iron Man; make way for PONG: The Movie.

I can see it now. The films will star Dave Franco and Michael B. Jordan, mentored by aging “pong” jock John Stamos, with Jennifer Lawrence starring as a love interest and cameos by Norman Reedus and Madonna.

And the plot? Who needs a plot? Let’s just blow stuff up à la Transformers and incorporate lots of graphic, violent sex like Game of Thrones. Oh and zombies…we can’t forget the zombies!

Obviously, Pong will never be a movie…hopefully. But Tetris is poised to be.

That’s right, Tetris–the tile-matching puzzle game that has been the staple pastime of procrastinators everywhere since 1984.

tetris 2

In an interview with Empire, filmmaker Larry Kasanoff shares that an actual TRILOGY is necessary because “the story we conceived is so big.”

Like blocks falling from the sky, big….

Actually, in the interview, Kansanoff shared that the film will be more than “blocks with feet running around the movie.”

Thank #%*&.

Right now, the film is listed on IMDb as the Untitled Tetris Sci-fi Project, and the fact that it was first announced in 2014–and here we are, two years later with not much else happening besides vague PR–likely means the concept is less-than-developed.

Maybe it’s hype. Smoke and mirrors. Maybe there will never be a Tetris movie.

Or maybe PONG: The Movie will be the next big summer blockbuster.



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